Friday, October 2, 2009

Last Minute Shopping and Search for a Mime

Today lunch was at a noodle shop we had noticed a couple of weeks ago. A guy in the window stretches and cooks the fresh noodles which are then incorporated into soups or stir-fries. Unfortunately the window made it impossible to get a good photo of him, but lunch was delicious.

While shopping at Place de la Madeleine (an upscale shopping area) I came across a group of about 20 Arab women marching and chanting - couldn't tell what their cause was. They were surrounded by at least as many policemen in riot gear.

A couple of days ago, we had seen a mime at Place du Tertre in Montmartre. At that time I was tired and not in the mood to take photos, so this evening we looked for him again and were fortunate enough to find him. His act was set to old-fashioned music and was truly charming.

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