Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 20: Marais and Market Shopping

Since Bastille Market is open only on Thursday and Sundays, and only for a short time on Sunday, we went there first to get our rotisserie chicken fix. Unfortunately, the chicken lady had only a half chicken left with our favorite spicing, but we grabbed it and went on to buy beans, mirabelle plums, tangerines, cheeses, and bread.

Then it was on to the Marais. We saw Victor Hugo's house (his dishes are hanging on the wall in one of the photos). We stopped at St. Paul - St. Louis Church and saw the clamshell holy water font donated by Victor Hugo. We peeked in at Hotel de Sully ( a 17th century example of conspicuous consumption). And then it was on to dessert and tea at a Salon de The called the Dormouse in the Teapot. I had the lemon meringue tart with an unusually high meringue. The co-diner had a cake with nuts and fruit that was very good. The waiter told us what it was, but neither of us really understood what he said. From there it was home to put away the groceries and taste the cheeses.

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