Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second Day in Paris

Inexplicably, I didn't pack my camera's battery charger, so of course the battery died during our first day here. We spent several hours trying to find a new battery charger. First we went to FNAC where we thought we could get a good price, but they didn't have a charger that would work for us. I knew there were lots of camera shops on Boulevard Beaumarchais, between Bastille and Republique, so we started out from Republique. Unfortunately, we took rue Beaumarchais rather than Boulevard Beaumarchais and ended up at Hotel de Ville without having seen a single camera shop.

Once we finally got to Boulevard Beaumarchais, the first camera shop we came to was able to sell us a charger (not cheap). We took the charger back to the hotel, hooked up the battery, and then had a late
lunch. After lunch we grabbed the camera and headed to
Luxembourg Gardens. From there we went to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame at night. We got lots of use out of our Navigo Metro and bus passes.

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