Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cambodian Lunch and Two Scenic Attractions

It was raining heavily this morning with no sign of letting up, so after some delay we decided to have lunch at a popular Cambodian restaurant at the end of our street, Le Petit Cambodge.  Their specialty is bobuns which are similar to the vermicelli bowls I get at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant at home.  Mine had shrimp and Bill's had shrimp and beef along with a small imperial roll.  He also had a Laotian beer.  Two thumbs up!

The first of our scenic attractions was les jardins des Hôtels D'Assy et DeBreteuil in the Marais district.  The gardens were not at their peak, but still quite pretty.  Don't step on the grass!

I thought we had seen all the attractive little housing projects, but was pleasantly surprised to discover Rue Crémieux near Gare de Lyon.  It's a narrow street with pastel colored houses, some of which are decorated with paintings.

On the trip home, in addition to our baguette, we picked up a chocolate moelleux (a dense chocolate cake with a molten center) and a piece of fig tart.  Good thing we've been doing lots of walking!

Just noticed I've used three exclamation points in this post.  I'm opposed to the overuse of that punctuation, but am too tired to revise.  I'll try to do better in the future.

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