Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chapelle Expiatoire and Charcuterie and Cheese for Lunch

Today's third tier museum was the Chapelle Expiatoire (Atonement Chapel),  built on the site of the mass grave where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were originally buried.  Their remains are now at the Basilica of St. Denis just north of Paris.  It's a small building, decorated in the classical style, and situated in a pretty park.

From there we headed to Rue des Martyrs, a great street for people who enjoy food shopping.  We had lunch at a Corsican place that specializes in charcuterie.  We shared a plate of charcuterie, cheese, and terrine.  It was delicious.

We made a failed attempt to see the shrines to the Charlie Hebdo victims and to Ahmed, the policeman who was shot by the Charlie Hebdo attackers.  Apparently those shrines have been taken down.


  1. wow that looks delicious

  2. theyve left the grafitti writing on the main statue at republique that comments about the attacks

    1. Yes, we saw the graffiti writing at Republique. And yes, the charcuterie plate was delicious.