Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Chateau and the Old Port

Today's walking tour took us up to the chateau (actually the ruins of a medieval cathedral and some houses).  It started out in Old Town and involved a long climb.  Near the beginning of the climb was Chapelle de la Visitation with its trompe l'oeil facade.  I hate to be skeptical, but it occurred to me that using trompe l'oeil was a method to avoid paying for stone carvers to make statues and glass makers to make stained glass windows.

The Catholic cemetery near the top of the hill was full of over the top sculptures, but a combination of brilliant sun and dark shade made it difficult for me to get good photos.

At the top of the hill we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the Bay of Angels alongside which Nice is situated.

After descending the hill we walked over to the Old Port and had a delicious seafood lunch.  I had my favorite seafood, scallops, in a rather sweet sauce with mashed potatoes.  Bill had prawns flambeed in pastis.  I'm a little taken aback by shrimp that still has antennas and eyes attached, but Bill was happy with it.

On our way back to our own neighborhood, I found a café for cyclists.  They had bike parking space inside the building.

Our shop display of the day was the poppies (for remembrance) at a flower shop on the edge of Old Nice.

Steve - This one's for you.  I miss you already.

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