Saturday, September 19, 2015

Heritage Days

Every year at this time there's a 2-day event that has a very long, difficult to pronounce name that basically means "Heritage Days," so that's what I'm going to call it.  For these two days people can visit historically significant sites throughout Paris, and indeed, throughout Europe.  Many of these places are normally closed to the public or normally charge a fee for visits.

Today we visited L'Hotel de Matignon, the residence and office of the prime minister of France.  It's very ornately decorated and has a large attractive garden in the back.  It is not normally open to visits from the public, and there were lots of people who waited in line with us to see it.

After that visit we went on the sewer tour, which normally costs 4.5 euros.  This tour explains the water and sewerage system in Paris.  It's not a topic I'm hugely interested in, but at least it was free.  The picture on the right is looking up from the bottom of a manhole (personhole?).

On our way to lunch today we saw a fruit market with an attractive display.  We bought some of the yellow mirabelle plums toward the back of the picture because we know they'll be going out of season soon.

Our late lunch today had appetizers of a heritage tomato salad for me and a charcuterie plate for Bill. His main dish was rotisserie chicken while I had rotisserie leg of lamb.  It was a very pleasant lunch.

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