Friday, September 18, 2015

Southwest Food Festival and Delicious Chocolate Truffles.

We've been to the Southwest Food Festival, held on the left bank of the Seine near Nôtre Dame, twice before, but it's so much fun we went back again this year.  They had a 10-piece band playing very lively local music.  There were samples of some of the local foods, such as prunes, spice cake, cheeses, and wine.  We bought sausage sandwiches and cantaloupe in Floc (a vin de liqueur fortified with armagnac, the local brandy) for lunch.  Unfortunately they don't really have enough seating at this festival, and I didn't think photos of us eating sandwiches standing up would be very interesting.  So the only photo is of the poster advertising this event.

One of my readers has suggested we buy some chocolates, so today we bought a small box of truffles and a dark chocolate bar with pistachios.  The truffles were wonderful, and I'm having a problem controlling myself with them.  That was a great suggestion, Barb!  Because it was raining, we cut it short today and were back in our apartment by around 4:00 pm.


  1. Your self discipline is admired. Airport chocolate would do just as well. ;)

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