Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Duck for Lunch and Villa Léandre

You may be wondering what we do with our leftover baguettes.  The next day we slice them lengthwise and toast them.  I like to eat them with chestnut yogurt.  I wish I could find it in the United States.

We went to one of our favorite Paris restaurants for lunch today, Le Petit Canard in Montmartre.  We remembered the waitress and she claimed to remember us from two years ago.  Bill had an omelette with duck and potatoes and I had duck breast in a tarragon sauce, mashed potatoes with hazelnuts, and green beans.  It was delicious.  The waitress snapped a photo of Bill and me standing in front of the chalkboard menu.

The scenic area for today was Villa Léandre in Montmartre, a street of attractive three and four story brick houses.  Most of these small scenic neighborhoods were built early in the 20th century for working class people who could not afford housing elsewhere in Paris.  I suspect that they're quite expensive today.

We stopped at the market street Rue Lepic to buy cheese and a delicious nougat candy, a specialty of the Montélimar area.

We also took care of a few small errands today.  Bill made a haircut appointment, we picked up a bus map, and stopped on a sleazy street in Montmartre to buy inexpensive postcards.


  1. love the rare photo of you both, and i want to try that yogurt! comes in glass? how cool

    1. The yogurt is just from the neighborhood Franprix - not an expensive specialty shop. Although chestnut may be an autumn flavor.