Saturday, September 12, 2015

Local Food Festival, Petit Palais, and Rue des Thermopyles

It was raining when we left the house this morning, but we stuck with our original plan of visiting the Local Food Festival in the Berges, a fairly new park along the left bank of the Seine.  There wasn't much action there, probably because of the weather, but we tasted a few of the samples.  The rain showed no sign of letting up, so we decided to visit the Petit Palais, a museum we hadn't seen before and which has free admission.  They have a relatively small collection of art from the Middle Ages through the nineteenth century, including a very nice Monet painting of a sunset over the Seine and this painting of the funeral of John the Good in Bruges (don't remember the painter's name and I could only photograph about half of the painting since I'm using my phone as a camera).

The rain showed no sign of letting up, and the cafe at the museum didn't look too interesting, so we decided to go to Place de la Bastille for lunch since there are lots of restaurants very close to the Metro stop.  As we were exiting we were treated to a 12-piece (approximately) orchestra playing for change.  Again, I was unable to get all the musicians in the frame.  We had salads again, mine with ham and Comté cheese, and Bill's a salad Niçoise.

The rain had stopped when we finished lunch, so our picturesque street of the day was Rue des Thermopyles in Montparnasse.  Very charming.  And we saw a flower unfamiliar to us.  It almost looked like a stylized plastic flower.  Can any of you identify it?