Sunday, September 25, 2011

And More Miscellanea

The last time we saw Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, the agronomist popularizer of the potato, was at Pere Lachaise Cemetery - his grave.  He also has a street named after him and a Métro stop on that street.  On the platform of the Métro stop is a statue of Parmentier giving potatoes to a poor man.  Also on the platform are signs detailing the history of the potato.

A grisette is a working class woman, often a flirtatious working class woman who might receive financial support from a wealthy male.  Yesterday on the canal, near Rue du Faubourg du Temple,  I saw this statue of a grisette.  She's carrying a basket of flowers.

Also near the canal is the pizza restaurant where we had lunch.  We'll be staying on the same block as this restaurant in October and it will be difficult to stay away from these delicious pizzas.

The Métro stop Arts et Metiers is near the museum of arts and crafts for which it's named.  In 1994 the Métro stop was redecorated in a steampunk style, reminiscent of Jules Verne.

Yesterday's cheese:  Morbier

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