Monday, September 12, 2011

A Trip to the Suburbs and a Tour of the Invalides Area

Yesterday we visited our daughter-in-law's sister and her family in Longueville, about 60 miles southeast of Paris.  It was a very nice train ride and a very pleasant visit.  Unfortunately, I was focusing so much on speaking and understanding French that I neglected to take any photos.

Today we visited Invalides and saw Napoleon's tomb.

The gardens were very pretty.

We saw a chocolate shop selling chocolate shoes.

Lunch was salmon brochette and roast chicken.

Here's a picture of today's cheeses:

Today's Cheeses:  Camembert, Morbier, Maroilles, St. Félicen Tentation, and Bress Bleu


  1. Those chocolate shoes are amazing!

  2. you guys ate all that cheese in a day?!

  3. No, Michael. We bought all that cheese in a day, but didn't eat it all in the same day. We typically have 5 or 6 kinds of cheese in the refrigerator, so of course we have to keep buying new cheeses to replenish the stock as it gets eaten.