Friday, September 23, 2011


The train ride to Chartres takes about an hour and I managed to get some knitting done on the train.

The cathedral in Chartres is famous for it's stained glass windows, particularly the blue colors.

They have an important relic - a piece of fabric that I've seen variously described as the Blessed Mother's tunic, camisole, and veil.  At any rate, it was something she wore.   I believe that this relic generated so many pilgrims it was necessary to build the cathedral to accommodate them.

We had a pizza lunch at a very pleasant square in the town.  They were huge thin-crust pizzas.  Janet's had potatoes and John's had various meats and an egg.

When we returned home we stopped at the cafe on the corner for dessert:  tarte tatin for Janet and John, and chocolate cake with creme Anglais for Bill and me.

Yesterday's cheese:  Morbier

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