Friday, September 30, 2011

Moving Day and a New Neighborhood

Today we moved from our September apartment to the October apartment, about a mile away in the Canal St-Martin neighborhood.  Because it would have required two subway lines to move by Métro, and that would have meant hauling luggage up and down several flights of stairs, we walked to the new apartment with our luggage.

Like the September apartment, this one is small, but I think it's more attractive.  The kitchen is much larger and better furnished than the September kitchen.  There's actually a small table and two chairs.  The September apartment had a fold-up table and chairs.

As in most Paris apartments, the toilet in is a separate tiny cabine.

There's a window box with geraniums at the living room window.

The bedroom is almost completely filled by the bed.  There are two small nightstands and the closet is in the living room.

The living room is comfortable.

After unpacking, we set off to explore the neighborhood.  There's an interesting looking cabaret a few blocks away.

We had lunch at a raclette restaurant.  Raclette is a Swiss dish somewhat similar to fondue.  You melt cheese  over the burner built into the table (see the upper left-hand portion of the picture) and then scrape the melted cheese over the meats and potato.  It's typically served with cornichons (tiny tart pickles).

On rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud we saw this sign painted on the sidewalk.

The purpose of the sign is to remind dog owners to take their dogs to the gutter to relieve themselves.  The signs are disappearing because in 2002 a law was passed requiring dog owners to clean up after their pets under threat of a 35 euro fine.  In my experience, this law is not being effectively enforced.  I got this information from the blog "Invisible Paris."

Today's cheese:  Petit Reblochon

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