Monday, September 19, 2011

Licking the Windows

Since Janet and John were planning to do things Bill and I have done often in the past (ascend the Eiffel Tower, see Notre Dame and Place de la Concorde), we went on another of our self-guided walking tours.  This one was in the area of the church of the Madeleine.  This classic building was originally planned by Napoleon as a temple to fame, but he changed his mind and had it commissioned as a church.

Our lunch was a mushroom omelette with salad and fries for me and a salade Nicoise for Bill.

The Madeleine is in a pricey shopping area and there are lots of food specialty shops.  The French idiom for window shopping is "licking the windows," and that's what we did.

Here's a candy display at Fauchon, for only 160 euros (about $240).

And here's another candy display in the front window.

Today's cheeses:  Mont d'Or, Brie de Meau, and Banon

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  1. im still on a salad nicoise kick and ive been back since mid-july!