Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cemetery Tour

My sister and her husband arrived from Michigan this morning, and the first thing we did was go to the bakery for pastries - pain au chocolate and pain au raisin, still slightly warm from the oven.  Then it was off to Bastille market to buy food for lunch.  We opted for another rotisserie chicken with potatoes and green beans.  We had melon, macarons, and cheese for dessert.  It was delicious.

Our apartment is only about 3 blocks from Pere Lachaise Cemetery, so we decided to visit that in the afternoon.  We saw the grave of  Antoine-Auguste Parmentier, an agronomist who popularized the potato in France.  Notice the potatoes on his tombstone.  My source says that potatoes are planted around his grave, but I saw only begonias and geraniums.

Magician Gaspard Robertson has a tombstone decorated with winged skulls.  They're difficult to see in the photo.

The most popular grave appeared to be that of Allan Kardec, the father of spiritism.  Think transmigration of souls.  He had lots of flower offerings.

We've been to this huge cemetery a couple of times in the past, so didn't bother with Oscar Wilde or Gertrude Stein, and took only a quick look at Jim Morrison's grave.

After that it was off to Montmartre to ride the funicular up to Sacre Coeur, a bit of a disappointment, actually.  We walked around Montmartre a bit, stopping for ice cream at Amorino, then headed home so Janet and John could get some much needed sleep.

Today's Cheese:  Epoisse

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  1. welcome janet and john! enjoy your trip and eat well!