Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Very French Lunch and a Tribute to Serge Gainsbourgh

Today's lunch, in contrast to yesterday's was very French.  We walked over to a small restaurant in the middle of our block, Chez Maria et Louisa.  My appetizer was eggplant layered with ricotta cheese and tomato while Bill had paté, which came with toast and a small salad.  My main dish was scallop raviolis served with zucchini and a lemon sauce.  Bill had veal kidney which was served with pasta and fava beans.  We skipped dessert today, which is probably un-French.

We've been doing lots of walking recently and decided to take it easy today by visiting only one attraction.  Serge Gainsbourg was a singer, actor, and songwriter beloved by the French.  His townhouse, in an upscale neighborhood, is covered with adulatory graffiti.

Today's baguette won 10th place in the 2013 contest.  We have only two left (both of them from the 2012contest).

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