Monday, October 28, 2013

A Walk Along Canal St. Martin

Today we went to Montmartre for lunch.  In the restaurant guidebook provided by our landlord there was a recommendation for Wepler, a brasserie that has been in Place de Clichy for many years.  I had seared scallops with tagliatelle and Bill had choucroute - sauerkraut loaded up with an obscene variety and amount of pork.  You can catch a peek at some of the sausage on his plate in the photo.We were very happy with our meals.

We didn't really have a plan for today, so decided to walk back home from the restaurant.  The area between Place de Clichy and Canal St. Martin isn't the most savory neighborhood in Paris.  However, once we got to Canal St. Martin we enjoyed the views and had a very nice walk back to our apartment.

I took a photo of the direction signs for bicyclists to illustrate how bicycle friendly a city can be.  There are several reasons I didn't ride while I've been here, but if I had chosen to ride, it would have been easy to rent one of the public-use bikes available in every neighborhood.  Many streets have bike lanes, and the drivers seem to be accustomed to sharing the road.  In fact, I think there may be a bike lane in this photo.

In addition, there are charging stations for electric cars readily available.

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