Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Les Docks

We had to leave the apartment early today because the manager was coming to clean it.  We headed east along the Seine to a new facility called Les Docks.  It's a center for fashion and design built directly over the quai not far from Gare d'Austerlitz.   The top level is a huge terrace with a restaurant and performance space.  That was impressive, but otherwise we were not overwhelmed by this facility.

We planned to have lunch at a so-called "hidden restaurant" in the lower floor of the church of the Madeleine.  It's run by a society that uses the profits to help the poor.  It's very cheap and quite unusual for French restaurants.  You choose 2 dishes from a choice of 5, pay for them, and then a server delivers them to you.  Unfortunately neither of the two protein choices appealed to me (a tripe sausage and a fish I was unfamiliar with), so I vetoed this place.  Instead we returned to the Market of the Red Children to a French restaurant.  Bill had an appetizer of fondant au Bleu d'Auvergne with mushrooms.   It looked and tasted delicious and I was sorry I had passed it by.

We both got a vegetarian risotto that was made with spelt and served in canning jars.  It was very tasty.

We haven't had dessert in a few days so stopped by a pastry shop where we bought an autumn leaf and a Normandy tart to bring home with us.  I'm guessing the autumn leaf has chestnut in it.  The Normandy tart is an apple tart.

We bought the last baguette for our project.  It won 10th prize in the 2012 contest and was very tasty.  Now we can start buying our baguettes closer to home.

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