Monday, October 14, 2013

Stone Base of the Guillotine and the Dapper Museum

Our first priority today was to find the place near Pere Lachaise where the guillotine was used.  It's located on rue de la Roquette across the street from where a prison once stood.  All that's left today are five stones that supported the guillotine when it was put to use.  The five stones are indentations in the street and two of them are usually covered up by parked cars.

After that it was lunch at a nearby cafe.  Nothing exotic today, just a salad with roasted Camembert  for me and roast pork with potatoes for Bill.

We've been postponing museum visits expecting that a rainy day would come along and that's when we'd go.  Today rain was predicted but didn't come.  Nevertheless we went to the Musée Dapper in the tony 16th arrondissement.  It's a museum of African art.  The current exhibit is of masks and other artifacts from the Congo River basin.  Very interesting and nicely displayed.

We saw a very nice display in the window of a nearby pastry shop.  We also picked up the 19th of our contest baguettes.  It won 6th prize in the 2012 contest.  We have only one baguette left on the list.

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  1. It is SO cool to be able to buy the best baguettes in Paris. I wish I was still there.