Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Charlotte Corday's Knife Shop

Today's lunch was at Pates Vivantes, a noodle shop we've visited in past years.  It's not particularly French, of course, except that you can find every kind of restaurant imaginable in Paris.  On our block alone there's an Italian restaurant on one end and a Cambodian restaurant on the other.  At Pates Vivantes you can watch them making the noodles in the front window.  Today I had sauteed noodles with pork and Bill had sauteed noodles with shrimp.  Very satisfying.

The noodle shop was not far from the Palais Royale, so we walked over there to see the place where Charlotte Corday bought the knife she used to kill Marat.  It's at 177 Gallerie Valois.  Of course the knife shop is no longer there.  It's now a government office of some sort.

The gardens in the Palais Royale are very pretty and there were a lot of people sitting around relaxing or reading.  We went to the nearby tourist office to get information about the Montmartre Wine Festival this week-end.  However, they didn't have any information, so then we went to Montmartre to get the brochure.

Today's baguette won 8th prize in the 2013 contest.

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