Friday, October 4, 2013

More North African Food, a Garden, and a Church

Today, for reasons that I won't go into, we found ourselves walking from Gare de Lyon to Boulevard St. Germain, south of the Pantheon.  First we crossed through the Jardin des Plantes, the botanical garden of Paris.  It is still quite colorful.  I've never been in Paris in July or August, but the gardens must be spectacular.

We stopped at the Mosque for lunch, which was served in an outside area covered with canvas for a tent-like ambience.  This did not prevent the birds from pestering diners.  I had lamb tagine and Bill  had couscous with a variety of meats.  Very good, but not really any better than the similar but less expensive meal we'd had at Marché des Rouges Enfants a couple of weeks ago.

Our plan was to visit the Pantheon but we got distracted into going into St. Steven's church by a passer-by who claimed it was the most beautiful church in Paris.  It still has its rood screen, and, according to the passer-by, these have been removed from many gothic churches.  It also contains a shrine to St. Genevieve.  The passer-by has a point.  It is a beautiful church.

The Pantheon will have to wait for another day.  Today's baguette won 8th place in the 2012 contest.

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