Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Joan of Arc Day (Sort Of)

Today's lunch was at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown.  I had grilled shrimp with vegetables and vermicelli noodles.  Bill ordered something described as "caramelized shrimp."  It was large shrimp (heads included) cooked in a thin broth.  It was difficult to get the shrimp meat out of the shells and the cooking had softened the shells.  For awhile he thought maybe he was supposed to eat the shells.  At any rate, he liked the meal and said he would order it again.

Today's sightseeing was dedicated to Joan of Arc.  There's a well-known gold colored equestrian statue of Joan of Arc in Place des Pyramides, near the Louvre.  Several weeks ago I saw a much more modest equestrian statue of Joan of Arc while we were on the bus.  Bill didn't see it.  I assumed it was in Place de Jean d'Arc, but this assumption didn't really make sense because the bus route didn't go past the Place.  At any rate, after lunch today we went to Place de Jean d'Arc.  Sure enough, there was no statue.  There was a church, Notre Dame de la Gare, but that was it.

The church dedicated to Joan of Arc is located in the southern part of the city near Parc Montsouris.  It was a little hard to find because it's hidden within a group of fairly modern apartment buildings.  There's a modest non-equestrian statue of Joan of Arc inside the church.   We may have to ride the bus again to find the statue I saw.

Today's baguette won 3rd place in the 2013 contest.  It was delicious!

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