Monday, September 30, 2013

Unfocused Sightseeing

Today's lunch wasn't too exciting.  I had a salad and Bill had a mushroom omelet.  The fries that came with his omelet looked and tasted delicious.

The sightseeing wasn't particularly focused.  We went to see a couple of things we'd not had time to find before.  The first goal was to find the shortest street in Paris.  This took us on a convoluted route that was difficult to follow.  At Port St. Denis I noticed a very nice statue of St. Francis with a pig.  I haven't been able to find out anything about this statue on the internet.

The shortest street was, indeed, short.  It consists of a small set of stairs connecting two other longer streets.

The final goal for the day was finding the spot on Rue de la Ferronnerie where King Henri IV was assassinated by François Ravaillac.   Ravaillac had attempted to take holy orders but was rejected by two religious orders because of his hallucinations, which he considered religious visions.

Today's baguette won 8th place in the 2013 contest.  We have only 9 more to try to complete our project.

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