Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Croix de l'Evangile

We left the house much earlier than usual today (before 11:00), and our first mission was to find the Croix de l'Evangile.  I had read about it here.  We took the Métro to northeast Paris and walked along Rue L'Evangile into an industrial area.  It was much farther than we expected - nearly a mile from the Métro stop.  We were nearly ready to give up when we spotted the crois de carrefour marking the crossroads of Rue L'Evangile and Rue D'Aubervilliers.  According to the Paris Invisible website, there are many of these throughout France, but this is the only remaining one in Paris.  Jesus' toes are shiny from people rubbing them and there are flower and candle offerings at the base of the cross.  Rather than walk back to the Métro station, we got on the first bus that came by, with no regard to its destination.  The route happened to go by the city hall of Montmartre, and we hopped off the bus.  We hadn't been there since the first time we were in Paris, in 1999, when our son and his wife married in a ceremony performed by the Communist mayor of Montmartre in that city hall.

This is on the less touristy side of the hill where Sacre Coeur is located, so we worked our way around to the side of Sacre Coeur where we found the bakery that won 2nd place in the 2013 Best Baguette contest.  After buying today's baguette we decided to go to lunch at a place our son recommended, Tartine, near the Marais.  We went there by Métro and had a delicious meat and cheese plate with our wine.  From there it was a leisurely walk home.

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