Saturday, September 21, 2013

Behind Balzac's House

Janet and John leave Paris today, so we decided to show them a picturesque street we discovered two years ago.  It's a tiny cobblestone pedestrian alley that opens up to become a narrow cobblestone street behind Balzac's house.  Balzac had chronic financial problems and when creditors would come to the front door looking for payment he'd slip out the back door on to this street.

Here's the front of Balzac's house - now a museum.  As you see, he lived close to the Eiffel Tower.  The house is built into a hill and the back door is at least one story below this front portion of the house.

Our lunch was at an Alsatian restaurant, Le Relais d'Alsace near Les Halles, the former food market area of Paris.  We all had flammekeuche, a sort of German pizza with cheese and bacon or ham.   The crust is very thin, like matzo.  We'd had it before and thought Janet and John might enjoy it. They did.

Several of us had dessert and they were scrumptious.  In the photo are a chocolate mousse and a chocolate cake with a liquid caramel center in a creme anglaise sauce topped with ice cream.  Not shown is a cafe gouurmand, a tiny cup of coffee served with small portions of 4 different desserts.  It was a very successful farewell lunch.

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