Monday, September 9, 2013


It rained most of the day today, quite heavily at times.  Since most  museums are closed on Mondays, we hung around the apartment.  At around 1:00 pm I grabbed my umbrella and walked up to the nearby shopping center where I bought an individual quiche and an individual seafood gratin to take home.  We heated them up in the microwave, and they weren't bad for fast food takeaway.

The rain ended in the early evening, so we went for a walk in an area we'd not yet explored.  We came across a small attractive park.  Turns out is was named for Louis Armstrong.

On the way home we passed by a boulangerie which claimed on a  window sign that it had been a winner in the 2007 Best Baguette contest.  Of course we stopped in to buy a baguette.

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