Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dali's Sun Dial and the Road to Hell

Today's mission was to find the sun dial Salvador Dali gave to the city of Paris in 1966.  It wasn't hard to find:  it's on Rue St. Jacques near the corner with Boulevard St. Germain.  The scallop shaped face symbolizes the pilgrims who traveled Rue St. Jacques on their way to Santiago de Campostelo.  I don't recommend using this sun dial to determine if it's time to return to work after lunch because it doesn't work.  (By the way, all this information is from MuseumChick.)

After that it was lunch in an Italian restaurant on Boulevard St. Germain.  We shared a pizza with épaule and artichokes.  We knew that "épaule" means shoulder, and we weren't exactly sure what we would be getting.  Turns out that it was ham.  We also got a caprese salad and a small pitcher of wine.

It's paved with good intentions.
From there we went to Montparnasse to find the Passage D'Enfer (the way to Hell).  It was quite peaceful looking with gates at each end to prevent unwanted traffic.

Our final stop of the day was to get the baguette which won first prize in 2013.  It's very good, but in truth, I'd be proud to serve any of these prize winning baguettes.  They're all excellent.  We've now tried 7 of the 20 winners of 2012 and 2013.

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