Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Heritage Days

Before leaving our neighborhood today I took the glass jars, which formerly held sheeps' milk yogurt, to the recycling bin down the street.  The recycling bin isn't beautiful, and it's quite noisy, but it provides a convenient way to recycle glass.  We recycle plastic in the bins at our apartment complex.

Today's Heritage Day tour was of the Regard de la Lanterne, part of the ancient aqueduct system of Paris.  It was constructed between 1583 and 1613 and has been a historical site since 1899!  It's usually closed to the public, but for Heritage Days we were able to go down inside and see the aqueduct draining into it.  The photos I took inside didn't come out very well, but here's a photo  of the outside.

Afterward we walked down rue de Belleville, through a working class neighborhood with lots of Asians, and stopped at a small restaurant whose menu was primarily limited to pot stickers (raviolis) and soups.  We were seated next to a very nice young man from Israel, Yoel.  He's studying for his PhD here.  We had a very pleasant conversation with him while enjoying our delicious pot stickers.

Then we took the Métro out to the 16th arrondissement, in the southwest corner of Paris, where we bought our baguette from the winner of 7th place in the 2012 contest.  They also had some tempting pastries, so we bought a couple of caneles (custard baked in a small mold) and a couple chocolat fondants (a small chocolate cake with a liquid chocolate center).  Here's a picture of them along with a couple of figs that we bought at the market a few days ago.  They were delicious!


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  2. Was happy to talk with you as well. Keep enjoying Paris :)