Friday, September 20, 2013

Our New Favorite Crepes Place

I've been avoiding this type of breakfast for as long as possible because they can be addictive.   I stopped at Du Pain et Des Idées for pastries before meeting Janet and John in their hotel.  On the left is pain au chocolat, in the middle are pistachio "snails," and on the right are apple chaussons (slippers).

The first thing we did after breakfast was head to Ile St. Louis to try to re-create a photo of the back of Notre Dame that Janet had seen on a calendar.  We managed to find the spot where the photographer had taken the shot, but my result was a bit disappointing.  Is it possible the professional photographer wasn't using a point and shoot camera?

The rest of the day was taken up by exploring the St. Germain and Palais Royale areas.  When it got to be late afternoon we realized we hadn't eaten since the pastries in the morning and we headed to Breizh Cafe, a creperie near the Marais that was new to us.  We were very happy with this place.  I had the basic ham and cheese galette for dinner and the basic salted caramel crepe for dessert.  The others had more elaborate crepes and all of us were very satisfied.  In the background of the dessert photo you can see Janet's pear, chocolate, and whipped cream crepe.  We shared a bottle of Breton cider.


  1. I was reading another blog and saw an exhibit of weaving machinery at le Musée des arts et métiers. I thought you might be intrigued. The link is for the post. It has pictures.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. That's a great suggestion. I haven't been to that museum yet, but it sounds like something I'd like.

  2. oh my god these food pics look good! say hi to j&j