Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Perfect Place for Knit Night

The cafe where my Wednesday night knit group has been meeting closed several months ago, and we've tried several other cafes in an attempt to find a new meeting place.  We haven't been completely happy with any of the places we've tried so far.  Today I found the perfect cafe (or more precisely, Salon de Thé) for knit night.  Unfortunately, L'Oisive Thé is in Paris rather than Troy, Michigan.  The shop offers light lunches, desserts and drinks.  It also has a selection of yarns for sale.  They have their own knit night, and I've signed up to attend tomorrow.  It's about 3 blocks from our apartment, so is very convenient.
Both Bill and I had salads for lunch, mine with ham and his with salmon.  In the photo above I'm drinking a kir before lunch.
Before going to lunch we had shopped at the market (open 3 days a week) at the corner of our street.  We bought 3 kinds of cheese, some more mirabelle plums (we know the season will be ending soon), and some pears.  We could also have bought vegetables, meat, fish, and underwear.  
This week-end there is an event called Journées Europeenes du Patrimoine.  I think that translates roughly as "Heritage Days."  For 2 days facilities that are normally closed to the public are open for tours.  My French isn't good enough to decipher the website for this event, so we decided to go to the Tourist Office to get a list of the facilities that are open.  Unfortunately I made a mistake when I jotted down the address of the Tourist office, and we ended up going miles out of our way.  In my defense, I contend that anyone could confuse "Pyrenees" with "Pyramide."  This trip did give us more experience riding the buses.  

Today's baguette won 4th place in the 2013 Top 10 Baguettes contest.

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