Monday, September 23, 2013

Street Art

First on today's agenda was lunch at Au Petit Suisse near the Luxembourg Gardens.  Surprisingly, after 3 weeks in Paris, I hadn't had quiche yet.  The salmon spinach quiche I had for lunch today remedied that.  Bill had a salad with cheese and ham.

While walking around the neighborhood I noticed this beautiful door.  We stopped at a nearby Savoyard co-op and bought cheese, sausage, and jam.  Savoie is a French department near the Italian Alps.

From there we took the Métro to the southeast part of the city to check out some street art that I'd read about here.

I found this cat mural on my own when we passed by it on the Métro just before the Nationale stop.


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    1. I thought you might. There's more street art of cats in a recent post.