Monday, September 16, 2013

Move to a New Neighborhood

We like to try different neighborhoods when we're in Paris and today we moved from Butte aux Cailles to the Canal St. Martin area.  We'd enjoyed this neighborhood in the past and wanted to return.  We couldn't face the prospect of hauling baggage up and down the stairs in the Métro system, and we're too cheap to take a cab, so we moved by bus.  It was still a hassle, but far preferable to the Métro.

As soon as we got unpacked we went out for lunch at the restaurant Marine, which sits on the Canal.  We had talked about going here two years ago, but hadn't gotten around to it.  We had the 15 € formule (about $20 per person).  Bill had a herring appetizer and roast rabbit.  I had roast pork and a almond tart with pears for dessert.  Both main dishes were served with a very generous helping of mashed potatoes.
After a leisurely lunch, we bought our baguette of the day (7th place in 2012, and very good).

After that we headed to rue LePic searching in vain for a cheese shop open on Monday.  Having no luck, Bill stopped at a shop selling rotisserie foods where he bought some sausage.  While waiting for him, I noticed a sign that makes me feel slightly better about my French translation skills.  It was in an awkward spot, so the picture isn't great.  The top of the sign describes standard meals that you can buy - meat plus one or two sides.  At the bottom the French line says, "Vous pouvez aussi choisir en rayon ce qui vous fait envie."  I believe they're saying you can also customize your meal by choosing for yourself the items you want.   But their translation is,  "You can also fall on shelf what pleases you."  I'm assuming they're using a French idiom that just sounds silly when translated literally.  If anyone has another explanation, please let me know in the comments.

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