Friday, September 6, 2013

Basque Lunch and the Museum of the Romantic Life

Today's lunch was at a popular Basque restaurant, Chez Gladine, a 5-minute walk from our apartment.  We were seated at a table next to a couple of young men, and the entire table shared the bread basket.  I had salad with bacon and goat cheese - please don't tell my cardiologist!  Bill had a "complet"  which was a salad with potatoes, Cantal cheese, country ham, and an egg.  The salads came in large aluminum bowls. We shared a carafe of Muscadet.

We decided to take the bus for today's outing because when you travel above ground you can see how the various neighborhoods are connected.  It took about 30 minutes to get to Montmartre, where we visited the Museum of the Romantic Life.  It's located in a house formerly owned by early 19th century painter Ary Scheffer.  He was a close friend of George Sand and several rooms of the museum are dedicated to her.  Ary Sheffer held weekly salons that were attended by people including George Sand, Chopin, Delacrois, and Liszt.  In addition to the George Sand memorabilia, there is artwork by Ary Scheffer and his contemporaries.  This is not my favorite style of art, but I do recommend the museum to anyone interested in George Sand.  Also, it's free unless you choose to get the 5 euro audioguide.
We want jobs, not gay marriage!

In the Pigalle area, where the museum is located, we saw several stenciled signs.  I'm not exactly sure how gay marriage and job creation are mutually exclusive, but apparently someone thinks they are.

No new cheese purchases today, because we're going to finish up what we already have.

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