Saturday, September 7, 2013


It's easy to go broke eating in Paris.  I've already spoken about one of our strategies for avoiding this - the only meal we eat in a restaurant is lunch.  We take advantage of formules which are specials that provide 2 courses, either appetizer and main dish or main dish and dessert at a reduced price.  This week we've eaten at three restaurants which we found on the Internet in a list of budget French restaurants.  These are places that serve simple traditional food at reasonable prices.

Our lunch today was at the third of these restaurants - La Table du Marquis.  Our meals weren't all that exciting to look at - Bill had fish and I had steak- but my dessert looked and tasted delicious.  It was puff pastry layered with pastry cream and blackberries.  The price of this lunch was €41 (about $54) which included a small carafe of Pinot Gris and two courses for each of us.

We were in the neighborhood of one of our favorite patisseries, Blé Sucre (wheat sugar) so we stopped and picked up two pieces of fondant chocolat.  It's like a brownie with a liquid chocolate center, not particularly fancy, but it tastes great.  I had told myself that I would eat dessert only once a week on this trip, but I don't seem to be doing well with that resolution.

We then went to Gare de Lyon to check out the logistics of our upcoming trip to Provence.  The train stations can be confusing and we wanted to make sure we understood the layout of the station before we hauled our luggage there.

From Gare de Lyon we hopped back on the Métro to Rue Mouffetard, a market street very popular with tourists.  We bought fruit and a baguette to go with our cheese.  Today's cheeses:  Beaufort d'ete (made from milk produced by cows who have eaten spring grass. Oh, please!  This is just cheese we're talking about here.) and Maroilles.

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