Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two More Simple French Food Lunches

Yesterday we went to a restaurant in our Butte aux Cailles neighborhood called Les Temps de Cerise (I think this means cherry season).  It's a worker-owned co-operative restaurant - I told you Butte aux Cailles was a left-leaning neighborhood.  I had sausage, lentis, and potatoes, while Bill had guinea fowl (?) and fries.

For today's lunch we took the Métro over to the 10th arrondissement where my French teacher had recommended a bistro serving food from the Auvergne region of France.  Once again, this is nothing fancy, just basic food for ordinary people.  I had a warm goat cheese salad drizzled with honey, while Bill had an Auvergne salad which featured Auvergne Bleu cheese.

After lunch we headed to the Musée des Ars Decoratifs where the special exhibit featured the mechanics of underwear.  It was quite interesting and there was a section where you could try on replicas of some of the traditional undergarments.  Bill refused to try on a codpiece.

 By the time we were finished with the museum, it was the evening rush hour, so of course we hopped on the Métro to buy our award winning baguette.  Today's was the fifth place winner from 2013.  Bill walked up to Rue Mouffetard to buy today's cheeses:  Morbier and Beaufort d'Alpage.

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