Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Splurge for Lunch Followed by House Envy Near Parc Montsouris

When we got sick, we stopped spending money, so today we could afford to eat at a more expensive place than usual.  We've been to the Cocottes de Christian Constant before and thought it was a good value.  Constant has an expensive upscale restaurant next door, but this place is more like an upscale brasserie.  I had scallops with endive and Bill had roast veal with artichokes and gratin potatoes.  The food was delicious.  For dessert we shared a clafoutis, fruit (in this case prunes) baked in a thin batter.

Designed by Le Corbusier?
Afterward, we went to the Parc Montsouris area in the southwest corner of the city.  We had visited this neighborhood before, but wanted to see it again.  The street I was most interested in has a building designed by Le Corbusier at the end.  However, I was actually more attracted to some of the more traditional buildings in the neighborhood.

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