Monday, October 19, 2015

The Pelican on Top of St-Sulpice

The book "The Definitive Guide to the Da Vinci Code" claims that in the past there was a myth that pelicans who were not able to find food for their chicks would tear the flesh from their own bodies to feed them.  This, of course, became a symbol of Christian self-sacrifice, and that's why there's a sculpture of a pelican over the sacristy of the church.  It was surprisingly easy to find.  I realize that this was a modest sightseeing goal for the day, but we can't take a chance on having a relapse.

We ate at a restaurant claiming to make "traditional cuisine."  This is not an unusual claim.  I would guess that about 25% of restaurants make the same claim.  At any rate, my traditional cuisine was hazelnut encrusted cod served with polenta, while Bill had salmon and perch with a creamy pepper sauce and vegetables.

Today's bread store was unusually attractive.  Notice that the farmworkers pictured in the side windows are wearing wooden clogs.

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