Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Afro-Caribbean Lunch and Congolese Art

Yesterday when we were walking aimlessly around Montparnasse, we came across an Afro-Caribbean restaurant, La Créole, that looked interesting, so we returned there today for lunch.  My appetizer was avocado with crab salad, while Bill had cod fritters.  Both were very good.  My main dish was Creole sausage cooked with tomatoes and onions, while Bill had goat stew.  Both were served with rice and a small amount of fried plantain.  We both said we would go to that restaurant again.

Display of fruits and vegetables outside of La Créole

Then we finally made it to the Fondation Cartier where they were showing Congolese art from 1926 to the present.  Our son had recommended this show after he saw it during the summer.  We both liked it very much, particularly the contemporary work which is very colorful and focuses on political and pop cultural events.  Once again photography was prohibited so I can show you only the advertisement for the show.

We walked from Montparnasse to market street Rue Mouffetard so we could buy our baguette, cheese, fruit, and vegetables for the day.  That's where I noticed this plaque on the exterior wall of a building.  All in all, a very satisfying day.

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  1. so glad you saw the show. youre mistaken about photos being prohibited, i took hundreds!
    lunch looks great!