Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Tetramorphs of St-Gervais St-Protais

A tetramorph is a creature (oxen, eagle, lion, or a winged man) associated with each of the four evangelists.  The pulpit of St-Gervais St-Protais, located behind the Paris City Hall, has a representation of these tetramorphs next to each of the evangelists.  The photograph shows the oxen (you can see the horns peeking out from the right) and the eagle (which you can't see very well at all).

After we found this, we walked over to the Sorbonne to see if it was possible to see Cardinal Richelieu's tomb.  The tomb is topped by a statue of him in the act of dying.  The Internet research I found on this was vague, and I suspected that the Chapel of the Sorbonne would not be open to visitors.  Sure enough, that's the case.  Security personnel was requiring student ID to get into the Sorbonne.  I don't know if students can get into the chapel.  We could, however, catch a glimpse of the Baroque dome of the chapel.

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  1. all that sightseeing and no lunch!?