Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Dome of Printemps

Today's shop display is the spice shop in Galleries Lafayette grocery.  It smelled wonderful.

We had lunch today at the brasserie of the department store Printemps.  This was more to get a good look at their beautiful domed ceiling than for the food.  I ordered a brandade with cod and haddock.  I didn't really know what a brandade was and our waitress appeared to have limited English.  I was pretty sure I wouldn't understand a French explanation of the dish, so I just took a chance on it.  Turns out it's sort of like a hash with fish and potatoes.  It was topped by a small poached egg that had a very orange yolk.  It was okay, but not something I'd go out of my way to look for.  Bill had a Niçoise salad and I had floating island for dessert.

If you adopt me, I'll wait for you even in the rain.

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  1. french take store/food display to a whole different level. i love the spice display. wish i had a photo but all the italian fish markets had a swordfish head as the centerpice of their display. pretty grisly but impressive.