Thursday, October 8, 2015

More Duck, Anyone?

My sister and her friends went to Versailles today, but John, her husband, has already seen Versailles and opted to spend the day with Bill and me.  First we went to the Berges de Seine, a relatively new linear park along the left bank of the Seine.  John and I relaxed on the rope structure before we explored the rest of the park.  That rope structure - not so comfortable.

From there we made a quick trip to see the Simone de Beauvoir Passarelle (or footbridge) near Parc de Bercy.  We were afraid of being late for lunch, so didn't stop to take photos.

And from there we headed for lunch at my favorite Parisian restaurant, Le Petit Canard.  John had the formule, which was a relatively inexpensive (19 euros) 3-course meal.  Bill had the cassoulet, beans cooked with a couple of pieces of duck and some smoked duck breast.  I went crazy and ordered an entire duck breast, which came with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and a bunch of haricots verts fastened with smoked duck breast.  I was afraid it would be too much food, but managed to finish it.

The waitress (who I believe is also the co-owner) at Le Petit Canard is very nice.  She speaks English quite well, but she indulges me by letting me speak French.  After lunch she took us to a parking garage which has a wonderful view of the rooftops of Paris.  Frequently there are film crews shooting from the top of this parking deck.  All three of us were very happy to have the opportunity to see this.

After that, we stopped by Parc de Butte Chaumont for a stroll through the park.  By this time I was tired and decided to return home.  Bill and John have gone to a pastry shop before they return home.  It was a very pleasant day.