Thursday, October 15, 2015

Picasso Museum

I apologize for the recent interruption of the blog.  We both came down with colds, and have been spending the last few days staying home except for brief forays out for food.

Today, I was feeling well enough to go out, but Bill wasn't .  I went to the Picasso Museum, which I had visited perhaps 20 years ago.  Unfortunately, only two of the four floors were open due to preparations for an upcoming show.  Nevertheless, it was a very interesting museum.  In one room there were 7 paintings inspired by Manet's "Luncheon on the Grass."  One thing I had liked on my previous visit was a room devoted to the artwork Picasso himself had collected.  Unfortunately, this wasn't available today.

We did have a couple of iconic lunches in the last few days.  We had crepes at Café Breizh in the Marais.  Savory crepes are actually called galletes and they're made with buckwheat flour.  Bill's had anchovies, cheese, ham, tomatoes, and an egg, while mine had bleu cheese and salad.  For dessert we shared a buckwheat crepe called "Dame Poire," with pears, other fruits, and vanilla ice cream.  Delicious!

No trip to Paris is complete without lunch at L'As du Falafel (the Ace of Falafel), and I stopped by their takeout window today for a falafel sandwich.  I took it to a nearby park to eat, and it's exactly as messy and challenging to eat as it appears.


  1. love their falafel!
    total disaster to eat though
    avoided the marais on our last visit

  2. I'm glad you've been there. It's great, even though very messy.