Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wall Advertisements and Street Art

We devoted today to finding some of the remaining wall advertisements from the early 20th century as well as finding some street art.  These types of projects can be frustrating because the advertising can have been painted over or be so faded as to be unreadable.  We were fairly lucky today.  We found the street art we looked for and of the three advertisements we looked for only one had been eradicated.

The Chocolats Rozan ad is in reasonably good shape.  This brand of chocolate used to be made in the Pyrenees until it was acquired by the Swiss chocolate company Lindt.

I think the Kub ad is for an upholstery company.  Originally done in the 19th century, it was refreshed in 1990 and is in excellent condition.

The street art project Cyklop is by Olivier d'Hondt.  He has taken street furniture and added animal fur patterns and one eye to each of the poles.

Today was probably our last visit to Le Petit Canard for this trip.  I had slices of duck breast while Bill had an entire duck breast.  I realize it looks very similar to what we had the last two times we were there, because it is.  They have a very small menu of things that they do very well - exactly the type of restaurant I like.

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