Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lunch in Montmartre

We went to Montmartre today to get information about next week-end's wine harvest festival.  On our way we saw this apartment building with naves for statues on the top three stories.

When we stopped for lunch, Bill had a Gascon salad (which included lots of fried potatoes) and I had filet of beef Rossini.  It had a slice of paté on top of the beef and came with au gratin potatoes and haricot verts (thin green beans).

Since we hadn't had dessert in several days (Please don't re-read yesterday's post) we stopped by a pastry shop on the way home and bought some pastries.  The one in the back is called a religieuse because supposedly it resembles a nun.  The chocolate pastry is called a Napolitain.  It's filled with chocolate mousse, nuts, and something else I can't identify.  I thought the tart was a fig tart, but the clerk said it was a quetsche tart.  I've been seeing these in other patisseries and after some online research have discovered that "quetsche" is the Alsatian word for a purple plum.  They were all delicious.

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  1. those pastries look great! somehow i seem to stick to a boring classic. my pain au raisin