Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Gardens of L'École du Breuil

Apparently the French call potstickers "ravioli."  Today we wanted a quick inexpensive lunch so we went to a small restaurant in Belleville that specializes in potstickers.  Bill got black mushrooms in addition to his potstickers, and I got sautéed eggplant.  Not exactly low calorie, but it was quick and relatively inexpensive.

For today's project, we decided to go see the gardens of the Breuil School.  This school was established in the 1800's to train gardeners for the city of Paris.  The school has water gardens, wooded gardens, a huge arboretum, a rose garden, and much more.  I had been tempted to visit these gardens on Heritage Days week-end, but they're located out in the suburbs, and the directions for finding them were not as straightforward as I would have liked.  However, once we actually made the attempt, we located the gardens with relative ease.

A bug-infested tree.  Hope we didn't bring any home with us.

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