Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Plan B Day

It's a good thing we always have an alternate plan for the day because we frequently have to use it.  First on today's agenda was a falafel lunch in the Marais.  Falafel with hummus for me, and with hummus and a selection of salads for Bill.

Plan A was to visit the Balzac Museum, a small house near the Eiffel Tower where he lived and worked for about 7 years.  Here's what it looks like from the outside.

When we got there we saw a sign saying the museum was closed until October 14 while a new temporary exhibit is installed.  Plan B was to see the door that Fodor's guidebook calls the most ornate door in Paris.  It's in a beautiful Art Noveau building designed by Jules Lavirotte.

Today's cheeses:  Tome du Jura and Pont Lévêque

Today's baguette:  Number 6 in the 2011 contest.  It was warm, so we bought two of them.  We have only one more to buy to complete the project.

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