Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marais on a Sunday

We got a late start today, and first headed over to the Grand Boulevards area for some wandering around.   In one of the Passages, we saw a store called Fell Off a Truck, which was selling various unrelated items.  They managed to make these items appear related by the display on their back wall.

When we got hungry, we went to Tartine, a wine bar we've enjoyed in the past, and had a charcuterie and fromage plate (meats and cheeses) with wine.

Then it was off  to the Marais, a very old Jewish neighborhood that is bustling all the time, but is particularly popular on Sundays.   We hadn't bought any candy or pastries in several days, and this was an excellent area for indulgence.  We picked up some candy, a piece of cheesecake, a piece of apple strudel, nut strudel, and rugelach.

Here's a photo of the exterior of one of the bakeries in the area.

Today's cheeses:  St. Marcellin, Pont  L'Évêque, and Camembert

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