Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Theme Day

We got a late start today and had no very specific purpose in our travels.   When I went out to buy our morning baguette I saw these concrete and wire insects in a shop window.

In addition to the baguette, I also picked up a small fresh fig tart.

We stopped at the pizza restaurant on the corner for a salad lunch - artichokes, ham, and ricotta cheese on mine, octopus on Bill's.

After lunch we set out to buy cheese and (still more) pastries.  We went to the lower Marais area, Bastille, and the Place d'Aligre market area, all on foot.  We bought a small packet of madeleines and a chocolate fondant (dense chocolate cake with a thick liquid chocolate filling).  Unfortunately, there are no photos because we ate these goodies in the park across the street from the bakery.  But here's a photo of the window of another pastry shop that we did not patronize.

And here's a shop sign that caught my eye - the shop sells olive oil from Provence.

Today's cheeses:  Saint Nectaire and Morbier

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