Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back to Belleville and the Balzac Museum

We took care of a little unfinished business in Belleville today.  The Paris tourist guide recommends visiting the Jourdain neighborhood, so we did.  It wasn't particularly interesting except for a few buildings with alcoves for statues and an attractive door.

What was interesting in Belleville was our lunch at a restaurant called La Boulangerie.  My roast lamb with carrots and fennel was delicious, and so was Bill's squid stuffed with Mediterranean vegetables.

This meal was a little more expensive than our usual lunches, but very enjoyable.

We went to the Balzac Museum, which wasn't all that exciting.  A special exhibit on the grisette took up most of the exhibit space and the signs were entirely in French - and not easy to understand French.  We did see the desk where Balzac wrote when he lived in this house and some pages he had proofread.

Today was a very good day for patisserie windows.  The middle photo is from a shop that specializes in meringues, and we bought a couple of individual sized meringues to take home for dessert.

Here's a photo of the individual-sized meringues.

Today's cheeses:  Camembert, Munster fermier, and Salers

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